These days, getting a great smile is far more accessible than ever. With so many new orthodontic treatment options available, many patients realize that fixing crooked teeth no longer requires an uncomfortable or intrusive treatment plan. One of the most popular options for discreet, effective treatment is Invisalign in Belmont, NC.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses a series of custom-fitted, nearly invisible plastic aligners that slowly straighten your teeth. Patients who choose Invisalign over traditional metal braces enjoy added flexibility and discretion in their treatment. Invisalign is an excellent option for anyone worried about orthodontic treatment negatively impacting their looks.

What Should I Expect During the Treatment Process?

Invisalign may not be right for every issue needing correction. However, if Dr. Arino determines that Invisalign is the right fit for you, the treatment typically follows a four-step process.

Step One: Initial Consultation

Our team will assess your teeth alignment, jaw structure, bite alignment, and any crowding during your initial consultation. As we understand what requires adjusting, we will begin formulating a specific treatment plan using Invisalign that comprehensively addresses all these issues.

Step Two: Impressions

During this phase, our team scans your mouth with the iTero digital scanner designed specifically for Invisalign in Belmont, NC. After taking these records, we send this data to a lab that creates your custom aligners.

Step Three: Fitting

Once we have your trays, we’ll bring you in to confirm that they fit with the appropriate amount of tightness to begin molding your smile. It may take some time to get used to wearing your aligners daily, but they will become unnoticeable in time.

Step Four: Follow-Up Appointments

We want to ensure that your teeth move as expected through your Invisalign treatment. As a result, you will need to come in for some follow-up appointments so we can track your progress and create new aligners if necessary.

How Do I Care for My Invisalign Aligners?

Caring for your Invisalign aligners is a simple process that resembles your usual oral hygiene routine. After every meal, you should brush and floss your teeth. It’s also a good idea to regularly brush your aligners with a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water.

Cleaning your aligners helps eliminate bacteria that can cause cavities and tooth decay. Many patients also note that maintaining Invisalign aligners is far easier than cleaning metal brackets, which requires special tools and extra care.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

While Invisalign can be an investment, it is typically around the same price as traditional braces. Therefore, it is worth considering Invisalign against braces depending on what you want to get out of your treatment. South Belmont Orthodontics & Oral Surgery also offers flexible payment options to help you receive the quality orthodontic treatment you deserve.

How Long Do I Have to Wear My Aligners for Each Day?

Ideally, you should wear your plastic aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours per day, seven days a week. Wearing your aligners as recommended keeps your treatment plan on track. Contrarily, failing to wear your aligners might cause delays to your treatment plan or could require you to get new aligners if your teeth don’t move as expected.

Are There Any Food Restrictions with Invisalign?

Since you remove your aligners while eating and drinking, Invisalign has no food restrictions. Just remember to brush and floss your teeth after every meal.

Do I Still Need to See My Dentist While Wearing Invisalign?

Although many confuse the jobs of orthodontists and dentists, continuing to visit your dentist while undergoing orthodontic treatment is crucial to maintaining oral health. While your orthodontist straightens your smile, your dentist keeps it healthy.