As children grow up, their jaw and teeth develop into a roadmap for their permanent teeth. If your child’s tooth development shows potential problems like gaps, crooked teeth, or a misaligned bite, it’s a good idea to consult an orthodontist. Catching orthodontic issues before they have a chance to fully develop contributes to a healthier future for your child’s overall oral health.

While usually considered a treatment exclusively for adults, modern orthodontic technology allows your child to benefit from the Invisalign system as well.

What Is Invisalign?

The Invisalign system replaces traditional metal braces with clear plastic trays. After checking the current shape and development of your teeth, your orthodontist provides you with your Invisalign trays and a timeline telling you when to move into the next tray. Over time, Invisalign clear aligners move your teeth into the ideal position.

Invisalign for kids differs from the adult system because it targets orthodontic problems before permanent teeth settle. When baby teeth align themselves before falling out, it’s less likely that orthodontic problems will follow your child into adulthood.

Understanding the Invisalign First Process

Invisalign First gets your child’s oral health on the path to greatness. Our younger patients between the ages of six and ten benefit most from the Invisalign First process since their mouths are still developing. Compared to traditional metal braces, Invisalign First requires less maintenance and provides your child with improved comfort.

While specifically for children’s mouths, the Invisalign First system does require you and your child to adhere to a timeline and periodically change out their aligners. Each new set moves your child’s teeth in small increments to gradually align the teeth and bite. We’ve found that many children enjoy being able to see their teeth gradually changing position and look forward to moving into their new set of aligners each time.

Your child does need to wear their Invisalign trays every day for at least 20-22 hours and should only remove the trays during mealtimes and while brushing and flossing their teeth. If your child takes their trays out too often or for too long, the process may not have time to work correctly.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign for Kids?

Invisalign for kids in Belmont, NC, offers benefits that are not found with other forms of braces. For those looking to straighten their teeth with a more flexible and discreet option, Invisalign for kids is a great option.

No Metal Brackets or Poking Wires

With braces, your child does need to be conscious of what they eat and take care to avoid any impact to their teeth and mouth. While not as common, broken brackets and wires do happen and can cause discomfort or possible delays in treatment if left unfixed. Invisalign doesn’t use wires or metal, relying instead on safe, flexible plastic to comfortably set your child’s teeth.

Fewer Trips to the Orthodontist

Because Invisalign trays are easy to change out, your child can move through their treatment with fewer trips to our office. Follow the provided timeline, and you’ll see a difference in your child’s smile as the treatment continues.

No Major Changes to Diet or Oral Hygiene Routine

Traditional metal braces change how your child eats and cares for their teeth. With Invisalign for kids, they can remove the trays before meals and enjoy their favorite foods. They can also brush and floss their teeth like normal, along with learning how to clean their Invisalign trays properly.