Early orthodontics in Belmont, NC, often includes specialized treatments broken into two phases. Two-Phase orthodontic treatment utilizes a child’s jaw growth to maximize the potential for proper tooth alignment. With this orthodontic treatment, children may need fewer extensive corrective dental treatments when they get older.

Patients Who Benefit from Two-Phase Treatment

Children as young as seven can begin early orthodontics in Belmont, NC. However, not everyone is a candidate for treatment when they first come to see us. We can assess a child’s upper and lower jaw development by this age and locate alignment issues, such as jaw narrowness and crowded front teeth.

With two-phase treatment, we can carefully guide your child’s jaw development. Improved jaw growth supports the development of permanent teeth with proper alignment.

Some children have orthodontic needs but do not require two-phase treatment. Single-phase therapies may be more beneficial. We may recommend two-phase early orthodontics in Belmont, NC if your child:

  • Experiences swallowing difficulties
  • Sucks their thumb well into childhood
  • Has problems biting and chewing
  • Prefers breathing through their mouth
  • Demonstrates an unusually long upper jaw

What to Expect During Phase One Orthodontic Treatment

The first phase of treatment usually occurs when a child has primary and permanent teeth. Phase One can last 12 to 18 months, giving health care professionals enough time to correct problems like overcrowded and crooked teeth. We can also address functional and skeletal issues by encouraging the jaw to support a more balanced bite.

The specific treatments a child will have during this time depend on their needs. Some patients will lose a few primary teeth to make room for permanent teeth.

Expect a Resting Period After Phase One

As your child’s orthodontist guides your child through Phase One treatment in Belmont, their team will keep essential records to note your child’s appliance use, treatment time, and frequency of office visits. The office will also keep copies of your child’s X-rays and photographs. The documentation is essential for developing an appropriate Phase Two treatment plan.

Phase Two doesn’t begin immediately following Phase One. Your child will have a resting period to give their permanent teeth time to emerge.

Learn More About Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

When the resting period ends, Dr. Arino will initiate Phase Two of early orthodontics in Belmont, NC, which often includes braces for upper and lower teeth. We usually recommend children in Phase Two orthodontic treatment wear their appliance for about two years. When the period is over, we will take the braces off and give your child a retainer to maintain their straightened smile.

A beautiful smile with straight teeth not only improves your child’s talking, chewing, and biting abilities. It also boosts their confidence.